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okay, this one is really getting to me, worst thing In my eyes is a man who disrespects or abuses a woman in any shape form or fashion.

there is on such indavidual that happens to be friends with robins family, he knows I dotn like him, what he doesn't know is that I just want 10 secoonds with his ass. that is all.

the son of a bitch has the balls to show up IN MY FUCKING HOUSE.

okay, now I am at a crossroad here, I get angery when i know things aobut people, but when these people flaunt the shit that is a different story.

I honestly wouldnt be supprised if this fuck is try'n to hook up with robin. now that really urks me. I know that i am split two ways.

but god damn, wether it was robin, shannon, kim... mousey.. hell any woman that I know. the fact the son of a bitch abuses women, treats them however he wants and then leaves them hanging or sends them off when he has drained them.

this mother fucker I want to really hurt right now. normally i control myself, normally I can hold back on things. but when something goes up against every little fiber of my belief and moral on how men should treat women... it just..

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.. fuck.. well anyway i am babbling now. the son of a bitch will die, the first chance i get.

some times I wish i had never learned how to fight, how to do things...
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