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visitor in the night

light fades away giving to darkness
breathing slows to a almost dead pace
entering a slumber waiting for a embrace

the horrors of the night begin the flight
running in the dark searching for what is lost
somewhere in here she will must be

running blindly ignore everything around
looking for a love that must be found
darker it grows death breathing down

tripping over something falling to the ground
heart racing faster beating me down
body weight pushing me farther giving way to this state

a sudden calm washes over me glowing light I see
her essence is felt giving me hope and warmth
the touch is sudden giving me a start

lifting my up not enthralled in her arms
the gentle caress last the whole night
never letting me go, looking into my eyes

staying close and embracing the whole night
bodes intertwined, moving as one
nothing matter but her gentle touch

caressing my heart and soul
all with a simple touch
never will I leave

I must stay
here with her
this long day

speaking soft words
never let me be
hold me tight
speak to me true

what is your desire
what does you soul cry for
could it be?


darkness fade
the day has come
it fades away
my body gone numb

I will wait
forever in this state
just to hear the words
to hear here say
who she loves
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